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GomScope - Supercharge Your Bear Notes

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GomScope - Supercharge Your Bear Notes

0 ratings

We are sunsetting GomScope.

Bear is a wonderful note taking app and known for its fine-tuned functionalities and design.

While Bear remains as a neat application without bloated functions, there are a group of users who wish to have more power over the notes for better discovery and knowledge management.

GomScope provides you the most wanted features: Graph view, backlinks, Alfred-like search, related graph per note, etc. Here are some key highlights about GomScope:

  • Read-only: GomScope does not modify your Bear notes. It only reads them. It means you don't worry about any error regarding data corruption.
  • Privacy: Your Bear notes never leave your computer. GomScope reads your Bear notes that are stored in your computer, and analyze them for you. Graph, search, and everything happen inside your computer.
  • What does "GomScope" mean?: "Gom" means Bear in Korean. You can use GomScope either as a microscope to look closely into individual notes or as a telescope to explore the whole constellation.

This is not a subscription. You pay once, and use it forever. If you're not satisfied with the app, feel free to reach out to us in 30 days for full refund.

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"GomScope is the missing piece in what is already a near perfect note taking app in Bear notes. The app is clean and minimal so the user experience is a delight. The developer is responsive to feature requests and releases are frequent and without issues. Highly recommended companion to Bear."

- Owen Vachell

"Thanks to GomScope for making a great supplemental App for Bear app. Bringing graph view, local graph and backlinks for all of your Bear notes! Giving you a better understanding of the knowledge you accumulated!"

- BurningChrome

"If you're a user of Bear app, I highly recommend checking out GomScope. It gives users a very Obsidian-like way of analyzing notes without giving up the beauty and easy-of-use of Bear notes. Canโ€™t wait to see what else Eunjae Lee does with this amazing software!"

- ๐““๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ช

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